Lucy's Blog - Monday 22nd July

Hiya! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Have you been out basking in this glorious sunshine? It’s beautiful isn’t it?

So, we’re all eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Royal Baby, and while we all sit glued to the news channels, and there’s still no news…..we thought we’d ask you for your Non Royal Baby News…..

Paula - My baby girl who is 6 months old laughed for the first time today, what a beautiful sound!

Karen - I'm waiting for my baby to arrive...

Caroline - I had my baby within 45 minutes start to finish! The midwife said that's how we like it, in and straight out! We named her Sarah Jane after the midwives!

Sabba - I'm 2 days past my due date...

Lucy - My 5 month old rolled over on his own for the first time today!

Liz - My 2 year old baby is now potty trained! Happened over the last 3-4days!

Sarah - My baby has just learnt how to wave!

Claire - My little prince is 6 and he kindly told me 'mummy you’re not old, you just look it'

Sarah - My baby is 4 and she has her last day at nursery tomorrow before starting school in September x

Jennifer - My 4 year old son and my 2 year old daughter have been naughty all day shouting & screaming, all because they want their Dad to come home! I think they’re throwing their own protest!
We even had a celebrity getting involved this afternoon, we had this text from the beautiful (and very lovely) Nell McAndrew…..
My 4 month old baby daughter, Anya, has had a dip in her little duck paddling pool, apart from that the usual filling her nappy regularly and dribbling non stop as she's teething :)
So, we called her up & had a good old natter – have a listen below!

Nell McAndrew texted and spoke to JK & Lucy
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, when hopefully there’ll be a new addition to the Royal family! How exciting!
See you then,
Lucy xxx