Lucy's Blog Monday 25th March

Hello! How was your weekend?

I hibernated ALL weekend. It was lovely. I saw absolutely no point in going out in such horrific weather, so I sat in my slouchies, no make up on, did some baking, drank wine & watched far too much TV. Do you know what, it was just what the Doctor ordered! Hope you had a lovely weekend too!
So, all this week on the show, it’s nostalgia week. We kicked it off today by talking about your favourite TV shows & films as a child. Here’s some of yours….
Sam: I loved Fraggle Rock!
Sarah: Grange hill, though I wasn't allowed to watch it, my dad said it was a bad influence!!!!!! Lol. Also loved the Muppets, still do  x
Becky: Noel's house party! Back when there used to be decent Saturday night family telly on, I mean come on nothing can ever beat mr blobby : D
Katie: GREASE!
Ruth: Round the twist and biker grove!! Haha
Michelle: Saved by the bell
Davinia: Home & away! loved Blake, he was sooo fit! met him in panto & he even gave me a kiss on the cheek! i was only 13 & my heart melted!  xxx
Steveo: The Incredible Hulk...coz diving behind the settee had to be done
Kelly: Never Ending Story! Not sure why i loved it, but i watched it every day! Loved the song too!
Lorna: Sharky and George!!
Danny: Thundercats! Also Stoppit and Tidyup the most underrated kids programme ever!
Tomorrow, we’ll continue nostalgia week with nostalgic senses. We’re talking tastes, sights & smells! (white dog pooh is ESSENTIAL to this discussion!)
See you from 4!
Lucy xxx