Lucy's Blog - Monday 28th January

How was your weekend? JK, our Producer Nige & I went out on Saturday after the show. We started off having breakfast at Balans, then ended up in Lucky Voice doing karaoke, on a Saturday afternoon! Brilliant.

Then yesterday, I spent all day with a girly friend, and we just ate our way around where I live, including the best Roast Beef ever, Pecan Pie & lots of Hot Chocolate. Yummy.
On todays show, we asked you what you thought my brand new purchase was….I got very excited after buying this item yesterday. We put a photo of it on Facebook – here’s some of your guesses….
Kim - It gets the hard skin off your heel
Colleen - I thought a novelty toilet roll holder but, thinking about it, you do see it after a good look.
Martin - Potato peeler
Saba - Fruit and veg slicer
Kelly-Anne - Cake slicer
Nathaniel - Back massager
We also asked you what you and your other half argue about – the silly things! The most popular answer was leaving the toilet seat up! Yes, guys, we’re talking about you!
Here’s a couple more –
Who hogs the duvet! (it's him) Mandy
What to watch on television! Conor
We’re back tomorrow from 4, see you then!
Lucy xxx