Lucy's Blog - Monday 29th April

Hiya! How was your weekend? It might have gone too quickly, but we’ve only got 4 days until the next Bank Holiday Weekend, hurrah!!

On today’s show, we asked you this - What baffles you about your other half? This came about after JK’s girlfriend spent £90 in Boots and he couldn’t understand why! It’s maintenance JK, that’s why!

Anyway, here’s what baffles you about your significant others



Jenny - I baffle my husband, I can't sleep with a gap in the curtains, I've tried to sleep with a gap but I just can't do it, of there's a gap I have to get up and sort it before I go to sleep and before I go to bed I make sure that there, are no gaps in any of the curtains!


Lorraine - My boyfriend will start having a conversation in his head, thinking about what he's going to say because he suffers from "foot in mouth" a lot, then he'll start talking out loud half way through the mental conversation and expect me to catch up. I know being a woman I'm good but even I can't catch on sometimes!


Jodie - My partner will throw his filthy socks next to the washing basket onto the floor, I swear he does it on purpose to make me cringe as he finds it funny xx


Becky - My husband has to have 2 different colour of Veg, so if we're having peas we can’t have another green veg! He also puts all the tins in the cupboard with the label facing out ....... I turn them back around on purpose!


Sam - The second my husband walks in from anywhere before he takes his shoes off he is cleaning our kitchen! It's quite funny to see him do it when he's still wearing his bike leathers!


Rhiannon - My dad insists on watching whatever my mum wants and he knows he won't like it and then insists on falling asleep and snoring 5 minutes into it!! And won't stir till the end after about 10 cushions have been thrown at him!


Carol - I will never understand why my husband will eat turkey, duck, pheasant but WILL NOT eat chicken. Whats wrong with the poor little cluck clucks ...



We’ll be back tomorrow from 4, see you then!


Lucy xxx