Lucy's Blog - Monday 2nd December

Hiya! Hope you had a fab weekend! So, who put their Christmas Tree up this weekend?

I went & found myself a lovely Nordmann beauty, donned the Reindeer onesie & got decorating! What do you think?
So, today we were celebrating the fact that we can now officially get Christmassy as we’re in December! So, we asked you to choose 1 good thing & 1 bad thing about Christmas! Here’s some of your thoughts….
Karen - Bad = Missing those no longer with us. Good = Making my own Christmas cards
Sally – Best - Staying in PJ's all day! Worst - the early wake up call from the kids x
Georgie - Worst: That it seems to start earlier and earlier every year. I heard that someone had their Christmas Decs up since the middle of November?!
Best: I get an excuse to be a kid! I get so excited for the magic of Christmas: the songs, the films, the lights, candles, decorations, food, drink and festive baking!
Gemma - Best: It's the only time of year where it is acceptable to drink at breakfast. Worst: Sprouts
Tracy -  Best being with loved ones.. Worse - paying for it all.
Personally, my 1 good thing is that first mouthful of Christmas Dinner, just heavenly! (especially if it’s a Pig in a Blanket, yummy!) My 1 bad thing is the mammoth fight I always have untangling the Christmas Lights!
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then lovelies!
Lucy xxx