Lucy's Blog - Monday 3rd June

Hiya! Hope you had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the glorious weather! On today’s show we talked about the things we wish we’d never started!

So, this weekend, I got a lawnmower delivered. My first ever lawnmower. I was genuinely quite excited. Should be easy to use, right? Er, no. Wrong. I had to assemble it, then work out how to use the bloomin’ thing. By the time I got around to actually mowing the lawn, and filling 4 rubbish bags full of grass, I was totally over the novelty of being a proud lawnmower owner.
JK, on the other hand, took part in a football match. He hasn’t played football for 2 YEARS!! Needless to say, he’s feeling about as energetic as a Sloth today, and his muscles have gone into shock from actually being used. (that might be a slight exaggeration…)
So – we just had to ask you – What did you start this weekend & wish you hadn’t?
Helen - We're going camping soon so we tested the tent by putting it up in the back garden, but now I've no idea how to get it back in the bag! It fills the whole garden!
Gemma - Started weeding and doing a bit of gardening, still a bit to do, but managed to finish the wine!
Alex - I have a cracked rib & swollen muscles around it!!! Very painful!!
Catherine - Stripping the paint off door frames and doors and floor tiling, still loads to do!
Marilyn - I started decorating bathroom about 6 weeks ago. Just needs one more coat but I really don't have the enthusiasm
Gemma - I started my garden 2 weeks ago I'm still going I've killed two lawnmowers! 1 petrol and 1 electric! Shows how long the grass is!
Peter - I started to fit my ex wife's new kitchen. Only one more weekend left whoop whoop...!
Helen - I started painting a door, then shut it by mistake, noooo!!
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4, see you then!
Lucy xxx