Lucy's Blog - Thursday 11th July

Hiya! Yet another beautiful sunny day today! So, what better to talk about than ask you this – What sums up Summer?

Here’s a selection of your thoughts….
Sarah - Pimms in the garden or cream soda with ice-cream in it - chilling in the sun and listening to some music! x
Michaela - The smell of sun cream
Paula - Sunglasses on the tube!
Susan - Sitting outside on a summers evening drinking a chilled glass of white wine.
Laura - Driving around with the top down on my car with heart blaring out, that makes me feel like summer is here! Laura
Jo - People dressing for the body they want rather than the body they have :)
Using your texts & interactions, we compiled the Top 10 list of What Sums Up Summer, here it is….
1 - The lighter, warmer evenings
2 – Drinking Pimms!
3 – BBQ’s
4 – The smell of freshly cut grass
5 – Dogs with their heads hanging out of car windows, tongues wagging & ears flapping!
6 – People wearing Raybans, everywhere!
7 – Smell of sun lotion
8 – Going to the pub for Sunday lunch, then spending the rest of the day/evening in the beer garden!
9 – Picnics with red & white Gingham blankets
10 – Sand between your toes
What do you think to that? Do you agree/disagree? Feel free to add your own thoughts on the Heart London Facebook page!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx