Lucy's Blog - Thursday 14th November

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a great day! On today’s show we wanted to make you feel better – so if you’d had a rubbish day for whatever reason, we were sprinkling magic dust to make you all better!

Of course, we wanted to know why you were having a bad day, and then sprinkled our well wishes accordingly…’s some of your reasons why….
Beverley – I got a flat tyre and had to be rescued ..washing machine broke ..poo bag broke when pick up my lovely dogs presents in the garden ..oh and had to work till half past midnight !! the song said ..had a bad day ...yes I did, I could tell it was the 13th !!
Amanda - Have been rolling for Robbie for what feels like forever... I'm gonna need magic dust, a magic wand, a magic carpet, a go on the magic roundabout and half the magic circle casting spells at this rate....
Aqeelah - I had a bad day until I read thru other posts and realised that somewhere else, somebody having a worst day than me .. So I'm contented with bad day .. And grateful because it could have been worst ..
Claire - Bad day at work couldn't log into computer so couldn't do half of what I needed to do until lunchtime and then my chair collapsed on me!!! Not a good day and my daughter had chicken pox!!!
Emma - Trying to take in a outfit as they didn't have time at the dressmakers and it's not going right :(
Hope we somehow made everything a little better for you!
See you tomorrow from 4pm,
Lucy xxx