Lucy's Blog - Thursday 17th October

Hiya! So, today, they let us loose on Heart Breakfast! We were in for Jamie & Emma & had LOTS of fun!

Usually, you'd find us on Heart from 4pm, getting you home. But, seeing as we were up early with you this morning, we wanted to know – Why are you up at this time?

Here's my top 5….

Joanne - My little human alarm clock went off and she didn't come with a snooze button!

Julie - Still in bed, teachers are on strike!

Charlotte - Yay jk and Lucy  I'm at home getting ready for work . Going to hurry up now so I can get in the car and listen to u

Michelle - Just got up in hotel room and going to get ready to take kids water park

Suzanne - Having breakfast before the 50 minute school run. By the time I get back it will be 9:30 and I will have a second breakfast!

It's also my birthday today, and a certain someone forgot! So, find out tomorrow how JK's making it up to me….he's gone off shopping for my present today. Armed with Aussie Nige & 20 quid, he reckons it's easy shopping for girls! Yeah right!

It's also another Lucy's birthday today – this is from our Facebook page….

Lindsey Davey I have a Lucy with a birthday today too. She's five and currently eating smarties for breakfast!

Happy Birthday Lucy!

We'll be back from 6am, see you then!

Lucy xxx