Lucy's Blog - Thursday 19th September

Hiya! Nearly the weekend, hurrah! On today’s show, we talked about the random stuff you find in your car, after JK had a good rummage in my Mini & discovered the following items…

A Reindeer Hat (complete with Antlers)
A Reindeer Sweet Dispenser, of the pooping variety…
A Yoga Cats Calendar
Various empty packets of sweets, crisps & Capri Suns!
A Greek Fishermans Cap….and
A copy of The Scripts album. Comes in handy for scraping the ice off the car in the Winter….
So – what random items do you have in YOUR car? Here’s my top 5….
Katy - I have a Pyrex dish with lid, a blow up killer whale ride on thing and a bow and arrow in the back. Along with a whole list of other things!
Ellie - Amy Winehouse wig!
Vicky - I have a unicycle, juggling clubs and juggling hoops, plus a bag of blankets, I work in a bookies I'm not in the circus.
Julie - WW2 helmet in my car boot!
Jack - Got a lay from Hawaii wrapped around the gear stick. Been there since my grandfathers 70th back in 2005. Will never move.
In conclusion, we decided that it’s mostly us ladies who have lots of random things in our cars! Well, you never know when these things will come in handy, and us girls are always practical, right?!
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow! See you then!
Lucy xxx