Lucy's Blog - Thursday 21st of February

How on earth is it Thursday already? I swear this week has flown by!

On todays show, we talked about this – What annoys you about YOU? We all have little quirks, that, for some reason, we just can’t change! But hey, we wouldn’t be us with our annoying little ways! Here’s what annoys you, about you!
Sue - I will sing the same line of a song over and over again ALL DAAAYYY - dead irritating !!!
Danny - I'm always late. No matter how hard I try I always seem to be late. At work in mornings I can never be there early. I'm even late in posting this!
Helen - I can be far too lazy and leave things for my Husband to do!!!
Simon - The thing that annoys me the most is my memory, can't remember anything important but remember useless stuff.
Lisa - I always forget birthdays
Chell - Walking in a room to get something and forgetting what u went in there for ..
My own personal annoyance is that I’m like an Ostrich. I just bury my head in the sand when it comes to dealing with important stuff!

We also talked about last nights Brit Awards! If you haven’t had a look yet, there’s a gallery of the best & worst dressed celebrities from last nights bash. Taylor Swift & Jessie J were my personal favourites, they looked beautiful! Performance wise, it was ALL about Justin Timberlake. I love that man. He’s amazing. Any man that can sing, dance & dress that well is perfection.
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, hope you have a fab evening!
Lucy xxx