Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 22nd January

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a fab Wednesday!

On today’s show we wanted you to tell us all about the times your child has massively embarrassed you! There were some BRILLIANT stories, thank you as always! You’ve really made us chuckle today!
Here’s some of your hilarious stories about the times when, all you wanted to do was say – ‘That child’s not mine!!’
Kerry - When my daughter Tegan (now 11) was at playschool, they were asked to bring something in for show and tell. Imagine the horror when her teacher informed me she'd taken in a pair of my rather unflattering her though.
Lisa - While on a family holiday, we went on a bus ride to a local town, and my 3 year old son said very loudly, ‘Mummy you stole my bogie and it was my favourite’!
Georgina - Most embarrassing time with my children - I really wanted to have a hole swallow me up when I was buying a new bed and the shop assistant came over to see if i needed help, and as i was explaining what i would like for my new bed, my darling daughter piped up 'mums old bed broke'! The shop assistant said 'oh dear never mind old beds sometimes do', to which my daughter said 'Oh no, because my Mum and her new boyfriend broke it!!’ the shame!
Tamla - My son pooing on the display toilet in the bathrooms section of Homebase was pretty memorable..
Kim - My daughter was just potty trained and we were in the loo at tesco. I went as well and my daughter started singing and clapping, ‘Mummy’s done a wee wee, mummys done a big wee wee’ really loudly! We walked out of the cubicle to find about 5 people queueing and they all clapped and said well done Mummy!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm,
See you then! Xxx