Lucy's Blog - Thursday 23rd May

Hiya! So, we’re hurtling towards the weekend with great speed & I cannot wait!!

Not only is there 3 days off from the world to look forward to, but on Sunday & Monday we’re playing Nothing But 90’s on Heart! So you can have us blaring out as you fire up the BBQ! (well, that’s if this weather sorts itself out!)
On today’s show we were talking about Hugs, following the latest research which claims that the average hug lasts just 3 seconds! Outraged by this, JK & I decided that 10 seconds was a far more appropriate hug length, and used Aussie Nige as our Hug Guinea Pig! You can check out how we got on by having a look here…..
We also talked about ‘retail cheating’ – you know, when you break up with say, your Hairdresser or Cleaner for example! Here’s some of your comments on what can be a rather tricky situation…
Roy - I moved to Maidstone and had to break up with my local Chinese take away!
Maria - I have broken up with 7 cleaners, 1 mobile phone provider and soon to be 2!
Caroline - My regular hair dresser did a really bad job, so I went to a different one for 6 months until she was busy and I badly needed it cut for my graduation. I went back to my old hair dresser and she said that my hair was in great condition considering I hadn’t had it cut in months....awkward!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, and it’s FRIIIIDAAAAAY!!! Exciting!
See you then,
Lucy xxx