Lucy's Blog - Thursday 27th June

Hiya!! Only one more day until the weekend!! Hurrah! On today’s show we were talking about the things we still can’t do, even though we’re grown ups!

JK can’t slice bread, and I’m utterly useless at opening jars of Gherkins unless I can pierce the lid first! Ridiculous, I know….
So, the question to you today was – What can you still not do at your age?
Phil - I'm 38 and I can't blow a bubble with chewing gum. Phil
Pam - I still can't read a map.
Cheyenne - I'm 32 and still can't tell my left from right without looking at my thumbs first.
Claire - I am 44 and if my husband is away I can't sleep with the light off.
Meghann - I still don't know the difference between Accept & Except...
Caroline -  I’m 29 and I still cant walk past a wet paint sign without touching it to see if it’s wet or not!
Lynne - I'm 39 & after 15 years of marriage I still need to phone my husband to ask how long it takes to soft boil an egg.
Lisa -  I am 28 and I still can't toast a muffin without setting fire to the kitchen.  
Paula – I’m 33 and I still can’t go to bed without checking underneath it. THERE COULD BE MONSTERS.
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4, see you then!
Lucy xxx