Lucy's Blog - Thursday 28th March

Hiya! So – who wants 4 days off from the world? You got it!

Roberto was in again for JK today, and bless him, he gave me mini Easter Eggs. He can cover again. Feed me & I’m yours.
So, on today’s show we rounded off Nostalgia Week by talking about your Best School Day memories – and some of you were VERY naughty indeed!! Haha.
Ally - My favourite memory was when the leaving 6th formers dyed the water supply! Toilets flushing purple for days!
Adrian and Phil laughing about having the Tamigotchi confiscated by the teacher and worrying that it was going to die :)
Alison - My favourite school memory is having outdoor swimming lessons and volunteering to jump in first to clear the frogs out of the pool.
Steph - Feeding my business teacher dog biscuits and he never knew!
Sarah  - 3.15 when the bell went 4 home time!
Pam -  My memory is getting out of Maths lessons as I arranged my orthodontic dental appointments around them as I hated Maths!
Elizabeth - When I handed my maths homework in late, my teacher Mr Rowe, threw it on the desk and said "another one bites the dust". I chirped up "that's a song" (very surprised my teacher would know it), and he promptly sung the chorus!!! Great teacher....
Kate - Playing marbles in the playground
Kayleigh - My best memory was having a salt fight with my best mate in front of the head teacher and laughing about it in detention!
JK will be back with me tomorrow morning from 8 – we’ve got the lovely Danny O’Donoghue from The Script on the show!
See you then!
Lucy xxx