Lucy's Blog - Thursday 29th August

Hiya! So, yesterday, I very briefly mentioned that as a kid, I found Wombles scary! JK found this hilarious and that was that. Today we decided to find out what you were afraid of when you were little.

JK’s fear was SLOTH from The Goonies!! Hahahaha! If you want to see what all the Goonies cast members look like now, check out the Heart London Facebook page!
So – what were YOU scared of as a kid? Here’s my top 5….
Alison - As a child I was terrified of Kate Bush. I thought she was a witch. I think it was the hair and the wailing.
Deborah - We were frightened of Mrs Perrywinkle, an imaginary lady who would take naughty children and make them sleep on wet winkle sacks, thankfully I was never naughty enough to meet her.
Louise - My brother and I grew up terrified of 'the plug monster' the gurgling sound the water makes as it drains from the bath! My Mum told us it was a monster that lived in the drain and came to get children who wouldn't get out of the bath fast enough! Scarred for life!
Sarah - I was scared of Humpty Dumpty.. I had a nursery rhymes video and it started with the Humpty Dumpty rhyme.. Apparently I used to run and hide behind the sofa til it had ended and I heard the Mary, Mary quite contrary music!
Clare - I was petrified of prawns with their heads on....still am now!! Love ya :-)
Thank you if you sent your childhood fear in, I found it SO hard whittling them down to my favourite 5! Lots of you were generally petrified of anything associated with Dr. Who! Other notable kids TV fears include Grotbags from the Pink Windmill, Lord Fear from Knightmare and even lovely Falcor the Flying Dragon from The Never Ending Story!
We loved doing this so much, we’re going to continue it on Saturday morning from 6am!
We’ll be back tomorrow fro 4pm, and it’s Friday already! Got to love a short week!
See you then,
Lucy xxx