Lucy's Blog - Thursday 2nd May

Hiya! Another cracking sunny day in London today! Lovely!

So, on today’s show we asked you – what conversation should all couples have before getting into a serious relationship?
Here’s some of your thoughts, brilliant as usual!
Lisa - Are you any good with a hoover??
Susan - Have you got any debt?
Tracey – This is a partnership not an ownership.
Jules - All couples should ask if the other half wants kids.
Juliet - "Are you married?" That's always quite handy to know!
Milton - Will you put the bins out?
Sally - Are you a ginger that dyes your hair? After 2 years of him hiding it I found out!
Lee - Do you snore?
Claire - My conversation was me saying I didn't want a serious relationship and just wanted a bit of fun..... 7 years later and a gorgeous daughter, couldn't be happier!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx