Lucy's Blog - Thursday 30th January

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a lovely Thursday and this disgusting weather isn’t bothering you too much!

On today’s show, we’ve been talking about the jobs at home that your never get around to doing! This is after hearing that Buckingham Palace hasn’t had certain boiler and heating problems looked at for 60 years! See, them Royals are just like the rest of us! Well. A bit. A teeny tiny bit.
So – what’s on your long list of home repairs then?
Garry - Putting up a new mirror for front room which we have had since before Christmas
Vicki  - Where do I start .. new bathrooms, lights in the kitchen, leak in the kitchen .....
Wendy - Been waiting for my fiance to tighten the bed frame for months. How it's not collapsed with me fidgeting every night I’ll never know. He is suddenly doing it now. Without me saying anything!!!
Kym - My bedroom! I need fitted wardrobes. My daughters bedroom needs finishing too…beading round the bottom of skirting! I live with a carpenter...need I say more?!!
Karen - Painting the lounge. Choosing wallpaper, putting new light in kitchen, sorting front door out., removing the pond and replacing with patio, sorting paperwork out, putting summer clothes away, visiting my 92 year old grandma, writing letters - procrastination runs in my family!
Stephanie - We had our windows replaced over 5 years ago and my dad still hasn't put the plastic around the windowsill to tidy it up!!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy Xxx