Lucy's Blog - Thursday 4th July

Hiya! On today’s show we talked about personal victories.

This is after Andy Murray won his nail biting match at Wimbledon yesterday! My personal victory was beating the fastest girl in secondary school in the relay on Sports Day. We ran to victory, yeah!!
So we asked you to tell us – What’s your VICTORY moment?
Caroline - My victory moment would have been when I was offered a singing contract in a 7* hotel in Cairo when I was 24.
Kay - I found out today that I have passed my foundation degree in counselling with merit. Woohoo.
Jacqui - My personal victory is beating cervical cancer! 3 yrs clear!!
Jules - Flying in my paraglider over a Hawk!’
Christina - I have 2 big victory moments. The 1st is achieving my Catering And Hospitality NVQ Levels 1,2& 3 and the 2nd Marrying my Husband x

Karen - Having my son : took ages to fall pregnant ! So he’s my victory win xxx

Mandy - Finding my hubby! Brought about the next two wonderful things in my life, son and daughter!!

Angela - Passing my driving test the 4th time ....
Suzy - My biggest victory is catching my first fish with a cheap rod after my brother said 'you won't catch anything with that thing' he had all the gear and caught nothing! I'm a smug sister 20 years later
This is my personal favourite….
I won the sack race when I was 7!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!