Lucy's Blog - Thursday 6th February

Hiya! So, how are we this evening?

Hope the Tube strike hasn’t affected you too much these past couple of days. We got to thinking, that even though it’s not ideal for anyone involved, let’s see if there’s anything positive to be gained from it? For instance, I couldn’t be doing with getting the most ridiculously crammed bus into work this morning, so figured I’d walk the 5 miles in instead. It was lovely! Despite the fact London was dull & overcast, I thoroughly enjoyed taking in all of the beautiful sights our lovely city has on offer! So, how about you – what’s positive about the Tube Strike for you?
Sally - My train driver this morning put on a little comedy show for us all this morning, "TFL have asked me to read this stupid thing out when you all know the tubes are not running properly, but anyway here we go..."and then later "Hope you all have a good day, you may need to avoid the underground to do that"! Everyone was chuckling and smirking!
Vivi - The positive spin on the tube strike for me is that I get a lift with my husband on the back of his motorbike and as such arrive to the office in full leathers. My colleagues were quite surprised since I don't appear to be a "biker chick" - I'm usually in a skirt suit and hair in a bun.
Iona - My company has paid for taxis to and from work for everyone until its all over...heaven!
Graeme - Met a really nice young lady at the bus stop in Enfield yesterday and going out to dinner tonight! Thank you for the strike, been single for 3 years and the strike’s helped me find romance!
Dave - I got to sleep in a bit longer, get in work late and blame it on the traffic and my boss believed me!
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4pm, when hopefully all will be well in the London Underground world! Fingers & toes crossed eh?
Hope you have a lovely evening,
Lucy Xxx