Lucy's Blog - Thursday 7th March

Hiya! It’s Thursday, hurrah! This week has flown by!

It’s Thursday, hurrah! This week has flown by!
So today, which we renamed Thurs-DATE, we were talking about dating deal breakers. When have you ended a date or relationship for trivial reasons?
Here’s some of your dating no-no’s!
Melanie - Gorgeous man but at the end of the date he clipped his mobile phone to his belt. It was so traumatic I'm still single.
Steph - I went to a guys place for dinner and he had this huge toe! It was so big, I mean it! He seemed so sweet too but that toe was just too much!
Faye - I broke up with a guy because he was more interested in being at his mums was even late for our valentines date because he was at his mums first and told me to wait!!!
Lia - He had long blonde bushy eyelashes that looked like they locked together whenever he blinked I couldn't cope!
I left half way threw a date because he kept calling me Mum .... BIG CRINGE .
Claire - He walked at a different speed to me so I had to kind of skip along next to him... So annoying!!
This all started after JK’s mate Alan put his ‘perfect partner’ wishlist on Facebook. To go and see just what Alan’s looking for in a lady, head to the Heart London facebook page…
See you tomorrow from 4pm!
Lucy xxx