Lucy's Blog - Thursday 9th January

Hiya! Hope you’re getting through the first week back at work after Christmas ok!

On today’s show, JK decided that we should tackle the subject of dog poop bags. Nice eh? This is after he pulled a bag out of his jeans pocket before we started the show today. To be honest, in his tiny hands, it looked like a full size bin liner. So, are you like JK, and as a dog owner, carry poop bags ALL the time? It seems like you are…..
Sarah - Poo bag story - a customer came to my till over Christmas and needed to wipe her nose, but instead of a tissue guess what she pulled out of her pocket to use! :)  
Graham - Leopard print poop bags in my car glove compartment for Lulu & Teddy!
Katie - In my car, I’ve just found 2 poop bags in the glove box and 1 in the coat I'm wearing!
Dominic - I have a miniature pinscher who gets excited in the car and poohs himself an I had a full bag in the passenger foot well from this morning I forgot about! Classy eh?!!?
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4 – see you then!
Lucy xxx