Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 10th September

Hiya! So, on today’s show, we were asking you to fill in the blanks…. ‘I love my BLANK but BLANK really doesn’t like it’

This came about after JK declared he didn’t like my red lipstick, which I love! I won’t tell you everything the little rascal said, but he conceded that when wearing it, I ‘look like Beetlejuice’.

Charming! Could be worse, I could look like Penfold from Danger Mouse. Permanently. Ha!

Here’s my top 5…

‘I love my BLANK but BLANK really doesn’t like it’

Aaron Cardwell I love my nights out with friends but my bank balance really doesn't like it.

Danielle: I love my sleep but my alarm doesnt like it

Helen: I love my winter duvet but my other half doesn't like it!!!

Mandy: I love my singing but my son doesn't like it!

Sue: I love NEW SHOES but my HUSBAND really doesn't like it

We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!

Lucy xxx