Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 11th June

Hiya! How’s your Tuesday been? Hope you’ve had a good ‘un!

Today we were talking about the smells we love, but others might not love so much! JK plumped for the smell of Cow Pats (yes, really!), and I went for Play-Doh! I LOVE the smell of it. My Mum & I used to make it together when I was a kid, I think it’s the nostalgic memories that makes me love the smell so much!
So – what smell do YOU like, but other people don’t?
Karen: I like matches smell and TCP!
Davinia: I love the smell of garlic! xx
Stévé: I love the smell of diesel, tyres, that perfume women wear that I can't find anyway for my own partner and rain on a warm day.
Tracy:  The smell of Tarmac being laid!
Karen: Love the smell of matches or candles wen they have been blown out.
Wendy: Babies sweaty feet
Cheryl: I love the smell of silage!
Melissa: I like the smell of pigs! I must have worked on a farm in a previous life!
Lisa: Burnt Toast mmm
Grant: The smell of boilling tar.....when it’s about to be put on the ground .....
Annette - Workmens sweat. Means they're doing something and not just sitting drinking my tea.
Tracey - Petrol. Fresh cut grass. Blown out candles. Also, proper pubs, that musty beer smell!
Sharon - Emulsion....and Play-Doh!
We also made Lisa & Emma VERY happy when they won tickets to Hearts Secret Stage with Michael Buble! Jamie & Emma have your next chance to win tomorrow morning. If you missed the anagram that you need to unscramble in order to win, head to our Facebook page!
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4!
See you then,
Lucy xxx