Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 12th March 2013

Hiya! Welcome to Tuesday! So, on today’s show, we talked about Flatmates, and their annoying habits!

This is because there’s a new craze at the moment called SpeedFlatMating. It’s a similar concept to SpeedDating, but with the aim of finding a roomie or tenants for your property. We shared the top 5 Most Annoying Flatmate Habits with you on Facebook, leaving you to guess which habit was voted THE most annoying…
Here’s your thoughts on the number 1 most annoying flatmate habit!
Grant - forgetting or losing their door key , so you have to open the front door all the time!
Natalie - Using the last bit of milk! X
Michael - Not doing share of housework or keeping to rota system
Garry - Forcing their opinion on you, bragging, and having to get one over on whatever you say
Michelle - Bringing to many people back to the flat!
Rachel - Borrowing stuff without asking
Kristina - Smoking in the room!
Christine - Eating your private chocolate!
We also asked you to share your annoying flatmate stories, and as always, you did NOT disappoint! Here’s Sarah’s BRILLIANT story…
I went to see a house share with three female lawyers a few years back.
They asked me to sit across a table while they lined up on the other side, felt a bit like The Apprentice.
They asked (very seriously):
a) What are your 3 all time favourite books
b) To define my career path over the next 5 years.
c) What my parents jobs were
d) How long I would take in the shower and how many showers i would take per week.
When I asked if it was a 'cross examination' they all looked at each other like I was some sort of imbecile.
We all agreed this wasn't the flat for me.
See you tomorrow from 4pm!
Lucy xxx