Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 15th October

Hiya! So, on today’s show, we were talking about your weird talents. What the most unusual thing you can do?

JK can crack backs (allegedly), although he’s NOT qualified! Personally, I can do a mean Donald Duck impression. Not that impressive, but hey, at least it’s something right?
So – what’s your unique talent? Here’s my top 5!
Kyle - My weird talent is that every time I yawn I sound like Chewbacca out of Star Wars!
Scott - I can tear an apple in half with my bare hands!
Helen - I can speak whale but I don't do it anymore because they swim up the Thames and die!
Emma - My eyebrows can dance like the kids of the Cadbury's advert, except i'm really doing it! I can also wiggle my ears, but not at the same time
Jenni - I can plait my hair with one hand!!! And write in mirror writing as fluently as writing forward, I'm also left handed! Let's hear it for the lefties!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, and we’ll be asking you this…..
What can you not say ‘No’ to?
See you then!
Lucy xxx