Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 16th of February

Well, what a Tuesday it’s been! We had Sir David Attenborough on the show! If you missed it, don’t worry, we’ll put it online at and you can hear part 2 tomorrow afternoon!

He was just so brilliant that we decided he needed 2 days on the show. To celebrate, we played 2 wildlife related songs – Toto’s ‘Africa’ and Tight Fits ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. We’ve asked you to come up with some other songs that we can potentially play tomorrow…here’s your suggestions so far….
How about Love Cats by the Cure? Sarah
The Eye of the Tiger from Cameron aged 10
IRON LION ZION Fay from Walton on Thames
Duran Duran - Union of the Snake - Top Tune from Lisa
Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat. Stav from Hayes
We also talked about your secret recipes – this is after Roberto told us about his Beer Can Chicken. It sounds amazing. You simply pop half a can of Beer inside the cavity of the Chicken & roast it! Check out exactly-ish how to do it on our facebook page. We asked you for your top tips….
Jessica - You cant beat Nigella's ham in coke.
Stitcher - Chicken Oxo rubbbed over it yum yum yum and cook it in the spit roast.
Stefania – My friends Roast Potatoes – he used to boil the potatoes first and then spread Marmite on them before going into the oven.... they were delicious if you were a Marmite lover.
And this comment from Steve just made me laugh!
Steve - Weird and wrong but the chicken nearly is the same height as JK
See you tomorrow from 4!
Lucy xxx