Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 17th September

Hiya! So, today, JK & I were chatting about the weekends away we’ve both just had, and how there’s ALWAYS one thing that everyone disagrees on, but what is it?

Is it which takeaway to have?
Is it deciding what to watch on TV?
Or is it even who gets the best bedroom? To be fair, that’s always an issue too. The answer to that is that it should be whoever organised the trip. Anyway. I digress….
It’s none of the above. The one thing that everyone disagrees on when away with friends or family is…..
Which game to play?! We asked you for your suggestions. Obviously the most popular was Twister, in various states of undress, you  naughty lot! Here’s my top 5 -
Helen - Party game - After Eight game - stick one to your forehead and try to get it into your mouth without touching it! Hilarious, very hard with lots of face pulling and you end up with a streak of chocolate down your face!
Kerrie - Cereal box game. You have to pick up the cereal box with your mouth not using your hands. When everyone has done it you tear a bit off. If you can't do it you’re out.
Di - Murder mystery dinner party game. You can choose a story/number of characters/ age group. Right giggle!
Laura - I was playing snap with my fiance on our holiday a couple of days after he proposed and got a bit excited! Ended up ripping my fake nail off!
Anna - Pass the Pigs!*
*This one gets a mention because it’s AMAZING.
We’re back from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx