Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 19th March

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a fab Tuesday.

Tomorrow it’s officially the first day of Spring! Hurrah. About blooming time!
On today’s show we talked about the innocent things you hide from your partner. Some of your answers had us laughing out loud, so thank you very much for getting involved! Here’s some of the best…. – What innocent things do you hide from your partner?
Steph:  All girls should have a bank account for a rainy day.... or shopping!
Helen:  A fund for botox lol
Emily:  My 5 store cards…..if he knew he’d go mad. Especially when he realises the monthly payments come from our joint account.
Chrissie: Shopping, shopping & more shopping. Particularly shoes.
Angie:  My collection of Pig ornaments. I’ve got hundreds, they’re stashed away in a corner in the loft

Danielle:  My Farleys Rusk addiction. It’s out of control.
Darren:  Meat. The missus has gone Veggie & thinks I have too, but I’ve got a stash of steak & sausages in the mini fridge in my man shed! Shhhh.
 Amy:  His socks. The ones I keep pinching because they’re nicer than mine.
We’re back tomorrow from 4pm, and we’ll be revealing how being a Parent is like being a ROCKSTAR!! Of course, we’ll be asking for your thoughts on it too!
See you then!
Lucy xxx