Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 19th November

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a lovely Tuesday! On today’s show we were talking about the daily tasks you do that you’d much rather hire someone else to do instead!

For instance, I absolutely detest cleaning out the cat litter tray! They barely use it, but it’s not a nice job! Ironing’s another one. I’m just terrible at it!
So, over to you. If you could hire someone to do any one of your daily tasks, which task would it be?
Lee - The washing.. Endless dirty laundry nightmare!
Heidi - Go to work for me and earn the money so I can stay snug in my bed.
Donna - For someone to get kids out of bed in morning...nightmare teenagers!
Gemma - Making all my meals. Most of the time I'm hungry but can't be bothered to cook!
Chloe - Tidying my room every morning. It gets in such a state and takes about ten minutes every morning to do!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, with ALL the gossip from tonight’s intimate Robbie Williams gig & the usual mildly amusing stuff!
See you then,
Lucy xxx