Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 20th August

Hiya, How lovely is this weather we’re having? I love it when you think Summer’s over then BOOM! Out of nowhere it’s a mini heatwave!

On today’s show we were talking about your best souvenirs. This came about after I told JK & Aussie Nige about a souvenir of mine that I ‘obtained’ in Tunisia over 10 years ago! We went on a quad biking tour of the Star Wars set in the Sahara Desert, and there was a piece of the set that was falling off, honest! So, obviously wanting to ‘Keep Tunisia Tidy’, I very helpfully picked it up & off I went….
So – what’s your best souvenir?
Katherine - I have a hip flask that was my Great Grandad's from World War 1!
Emma - I managed to come home with the towel Michael Bublé wiped his brow with when I won tickets to the Secret Stage on Heart with you guys !!!!
Helen - My souvenir is a signed Stefan Dennis programme!
Hi JK & Lucy, I have a signed pic of me & @tobyanstis at the BBC. Souvenir 4 life!!! LOL!
Maria - I was on my honeymoon in LA & a little girl of about 10 who was on our bus trip around the celebs homes etc gave everyone on the bus a Los Angeles lucky Penny key ring - I still have it
Louis - A piece of rubber off a blowout at a drag race in America.
Kelly - My sister bought my brother a money pouch back from Australia. She told him he had to kiss it to make it lucky. Then she told him what it was made out of.... Kangaroo Testicles!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx