Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 21st May

Hiya! How’s your Tuesday been? All good I hope! Today on the show we asked you a rather random question – Have you ever bought anything from the shopping channels? If so, what have you bought?

This came about after JK confessed he once bought his mate Joel a ‘ped-egg’ as a present from one of these channels! I confessed to once buying a dual Toastie/Omelette maker in the early hours of a Sunday morning! Funnily enough, I may have had a few drinks that night… Great piece of kit though!
Here’s some of the must have (& not so must have) items you’ve picked up!
Denise - A telescope and it is still in the box unopened after 15 years!
Sarah - A novelty ice cream maker. You just added rock salt and cream, then you had to shake it or kick it like a football for half an hour until the ice cream formed. Suffice to say I never used it.
Peter - A remote controlled Porsche, just for it to take 8 weeks to arrive!
Jenny - Video camera, set of towels, vintage style doll etc.
Jane - An 'Ab Roller'! I only used it twice - although it did make a very handy clothes hanger in the corner of my bedroom!
Magda - My amazing mum does, I once went home and found a 5 foot Tutankhamun DVD case and a cross trainer in the front room! Not much room for anything else, thank god!
Angela - Bought the makings for Christmas cards. They turned out so lovely, that some people framed them. Love the selection I can get from the channel.
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy xxx