Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 22nd January

How’s your Tuesday been? On today's show we talked about what you get up to when your other halves away, and you get ‘me time’. For JK's it more about what he doesn't do, like any tiding up!

Or, if you’re single like me, you get ‘me time’ ALL the time. Amazing.

Here’s some of your examples…
This one from Joanne made us feel sad –
‘My hubbie’s just deployed to Afghanistan, the first two days I spent cleaning, the house is now in order. Lol.
Ps, I found his stinky socks behind the bathroom door, I hugged them & cried’
Davinia  - I love to spend time pampering myself, turning up the tunes on heart & dance & sing away! Lol I love me time but don't get enough of it!! Xxx
Richard - keeping my PJ's on and play my Xbox til 5 minutes before she due home then I do the tidying.
Craig Denslow Getting the lads round, football with plenty of alcoholic beverages!!
Stefan - Slack around give myself to complete relaxation! There is no one around to tell you what to do and what not do!! Yeeeeeeeheeei. I love ME TIME!!
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See you tomorrow from 4!
Lucy xx