Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 22nd October

Hiya! So, today, we were asking you about your shopping disasters on the show!

This is after JK’s mate tried on a jacket in a shop, without realising it actually BELONGED to another customer who’d popped it on the hanger while he tried something else on! Embarassing!
Of course, we wanted to know all about your shopping disasters too – here’s my top 5!
Helen - I was trying on clothes, skinny jeans, with my best friend. They got stuck halfway up our legs & we couldn't shift them! We were hopping around in fits of giggles! It must have taken us 10 minutes to get out!
Jenny - I was in a Regent Street store when I had a mad coughing fit. I tried to leave but my eyes were watering so much I mistook a full height window for the door & smashed straight into it much to the hilarity of the security guard standing by!
My mum and I used to go Christmas shopping and I'd buy all my presents for everyone on that day... One year we went to blue water and towards the end of the day.... I left ALL my bags in the shoe shop!!!! Distracted by buying shoes!!! When I noticed... 10 mins later we went back to the shop.... And they had the bags!!!! Phew!!
Steph - Shopping nightmare: I once stood in what I thought was the check out queue behind (who I thought was a customer) a mannequin. My boyfriend had to ask me what I was doing as I made my way to the real check out line in front of laughing people.
Kelly -  I once was trying on a dress in new look, went to take it off and the zip got stuck. After much effort trying to reach behind my back, I had to call the shop assistant but she couldn't do it either. The store manager had to come and cut me out. I've never been back!!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx