Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 23rd April

Hiya! Wow. What a BEAUTIFUL day it’s been!

Have you been soaking up the Sun or were you stuck inside admiring the view like us? Apparently it’s pretty much going to be the same tomorrow, got everything crossed!
So today, we talked about the things you started, but never finished. This came about after my rubbish attempt at mowing my lawn the other day. My lawnmower wouldn’t work, so I got the Strimmer out, that wouldn’t cut the grass as it was too long, so…..I resorted to scissors. Yep. That lasted all of 5 seconds after I realised it was an utterly, utterly stupid idea. I now have 2 Gardeners coming round to do it. I’m really hoping they look like Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives….yummy.
Anyway, here are the things that you started, but didn’t finish….
Lyndsey - My Husband started a diet but never finished!
Hils -      I have put off sorting out my wedding photos for my album - I got married last July!!!
Tracey – Haven’t finished knitting a baby cardigan 4 my daughter! She is now 24 ! !
Steph - The other day I started doing my make up and forgot to do the other eye!
Jackie - My partner asked me to marry him 15yrs ago! Our wedding is still in the planning stage! Jackie
Claire - Started reading ‘50 shades of Grey’ just after Christmas and only got to chapter 2.
Gemma - My Husband started painting the kitchen ceiling when we moved into our flat. It is still not finished and you can see where he left off. We have live there for almost 3 YEARS!!!!!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx