Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 24th September

Hiya! So, today we were talking about this…. You know you’re back at your Parents house when…..

This is because I popped home this weekend to see my Mum & take my little sister out for a Sunday Roast. I’d driven down from my best friends house in Nottingham that morning, so was more than ready for a welcoming smile, hug & a cup of Tea. Instead I got this….
Mum: ‘Hiya. You look skinny. Don’t like your hair like that. Oh - & can you pop to the shops & get some milk please, we’ve run out’.
God bless my mother. Love her really.
So, we asked you to complete this sentence – You know you’re back at your Parents house when….
Here’s my top 5!
Helen - You know when you’re back at your Parents house when I jump in their shower because it’s better than mine!
Ruth - You know your back at your parents house WHEN ..... My dad hands me a fresh cup of tea and it's the best tea ever!
Charlotte - I know when I'm at my mums house because as soon as I walk in she says -  ‘Cor look at the face on it. You’r so miserable!’ . . It's true to be fair!
Karen – When I get attacked by her goddamn Parrot!
Nathan – When dinner is on the table!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx