Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 26th February

Hello! Hope you’re having a fab week so far!

On todays show, we talked about the Ultimate Humiliation. This came about after I was totally humiliated at the weekend! We’d gone for a family meal to celebrate my sisters 16th birthday. It came to paying the bill, and as we were settling up, for some unknown reason, my Uncle Julian decided to say to the waiter – ‘she might give you a shout out on Monday afternoon, my niece is a presenter on Heart!’. As if that wasn’t enough, the situation then descended from embarrassment into ULTIMATE HUMILIATION when my Mum chimed in ‘yes, that’s my Daughter! You will give them a mention won’t you?’
I love my job, and I’m very lucky to work here, but really, there’s no need to tell someone we’d never met before what I do for a living! Maybe my Uncle thought he might get a discount by telling them they’d get a mention on the radio, goodness knows!
So, we asked you to complete this sentence – The Ultimate Humiliation is….
Jackie - When your kids see what's in your bedside cabinet
Julie – You realise you have been walking around with your skirt tucked in your knickers for ages
Katrien - When you are in a public place talking to a friend and when you turn around, realises that your friend isn't walking behind/beside you anymore...
Sally – When you trip at the Oscars
Amy - When you are told by a customer that you buttons on your shirt are undone and they can see everything!
Ruth - When you’re sitting in a restaurant with family, ordering a dessert, eating it and then continuing to eat the wafer looking bowl it came in (which is rock hard), only to have the waiter run over saying ‘no no no, it’s a decoration!’
And this one is officially my favourite!
Chris - When u walk into your front room naked to find your father and mother in law sitting on the sofa!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx