Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 26th March

Hiya! So it’s day 2 of Nostalgia Week, and today we talked about the sights, smells & tastes that remind you of childhood!

Thank you so much for all of your comments, texts and calls, we had a lovely trip down memory lane this afternoon with you! Here’s a selection of your memories….

Laura: I used to love putting Buttercups under my friends chins to see if they liked butter!
Jo: I used to wear white musk from the Body Shop and now my 17 year old daughter has it too, so its still sold in the body shop and sometimes I wear it just for old times and I'm right back at high school! Good times.
Davinia: Blue slush puppies & nerds..i loved em! xx
Jacky: The smell of my Mum's tissue that she took from her handbag, licked and then wiped my's always smelt of lipstick!! Don't see the choc bar called Trio anymore! :0(
Simon: "Texan" bars, "they sure are a mighty chew"! Why did they stop making them? They were awesomely good.
Lisa: My kids come in from the ice cream van with a witches hat ice cream sometimes and told them I used have them when I was a kid and the screw ball ice creams
Rachel: Smell of creosote as Dad had fencing business & don't see shell suits thankfully!
Garry: Jamaican mince and rice, from when my Aunty used to make it when us as a family used to visit, she was married to Jamaican, miss them days !
Abi: Exclamation and Versace Blue Jeans!
David: Popping candy and Disco crisps that used to hurt they where so strong (back when they first came out)
Tomorrow, we’ll continue Nostalgia Week with the Toys & Technology that you used to love as a nipper. Be it My Little Pony or a Super Nintendo….and everything else in-between!
See you from 4pm!
Lucy xxx