Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 29th January

It’s Tuuuuuesssday! Which means we’re one day closer to the weekend. Yay!

So, on todays show we talked about the last texts you received from your Mum, Dad, or even your Grandparents! For some reason, texts from the parents always raise a smile, whether they’re written ENTIRELY IN CAPITALS, there’s no punctuation, they make no sense at all, or they’re really random….
Here’s some of your fine examples….
Last text from my mum: Wash them then smell them. Should be fine but your nose will let you know xxx
The last text I got from my grandmother said – ‘Danielle someone called T-Mobile keeps messaging me saying my credit is low. Should I call the bank to check my credit score? Love you pumpkin’ - Danny xx
The last text from my Mum is – ‘Yeah same really, we've probably had about 3 inches so far :0) x’
From my Mum – ‘Cook the dog the chicken that is in the fridge, and don't let him in the front room if he is muddy. C u later x’
Jess – This is from my Mum :- ‘We r pleased u found mister right and we love u very much xxxxx’
We also shared a video with you. A video which will make accused ‘Crazy Cat Ladies’ like myself breathe a massive sigh of relief. It makes us look NORMAL.
This lady licks, and eats, her Cats fur. Yep. Here’s some of your thoughts on her rather unusual habit….
Sandra - Bet her health aint purrrfect lol
Louis - Wonder if she gets fur balls?
Carol - I guess that is one way to get fibre into your diet…
Check out the video right here…..
See you tomorrow from 4!
Lucy xxx