Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 2nd July

Hiya! How’s your Tuesday been? All good I hope! On today’s show we were talking about bargains, after I got myself something at a Village Fete this weekend!

I wandered over to the Bric-A-Brac stall and saw a white ceramic Pineapple shaped thingy that caught my eye! Genuinely, I have no idea what it is, but it’s pretty. It was just £2, I couldn’t resist! Turns out, it’s a rather collectible item from a company called Casa Pupo, and if I sold it, I’d make at least £8 in profit!! That could buy me a cocktail!
So – what’s your best ever bargain?
Helen - I got a Xmas tree for £1.50
Sam - My wedding dress was £500.00 reduced in sale for £300 and I got it for £280.00.
Garry - I bought a box of Bric-a-brac from a boot sale because I liked 2 silver boxes in the parcel. I got it home & having had a closer look discovered a ring. I had it valued at £13,000!
Jules - I bought a string of cultured pearls for 220 quid. When they broke and I had to have them restrung, I was told they were natural pearls and should be insured for 15,000 pounds. Blimey!!
Adam - When we bought our first flat, my wife and I obtained a £10,000 kitchen for £100 - completely legitimate!
Marie -   I paid £99 for a black diamond now worth £10,000.
Debbie - I got a hotel and flight to South Africa paid £148.00 and got upgraded to first class on the outward journey from Heathrow!
Chelsea - I bought a fish for 50p which is now worth £5,000!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, with more tickets for Heart In The Park to be won, plus another holiday to win thanks to Cosmos!
See you then,
Lucy xxx