Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 2nd June

Hiya! How was your weekend?

I went home to see my beautiful little nephew Max, and had girly time with my Mum, Sister in Law & my sister Sophie. Sometimes it’s lovely to have girls time! We got our nails done, went to a Village Fete – it was a proper one too with a Tombola & Hook-A-Duck, and had a lovely BBQ.
So, on today’s show we talked about the embarrassing moments that come back to haunt you, based on this email that we received over the weekend from my Mum’s friend Judy….
Message for JK,
So there I was, driving home at 5.00 pm yesterday listening happily to my favourite station and wondering - is Lucy really the little girl who took all her clothes off in the loo at our wedding in 1982???????
Tracey – I’m always reminded of the time the huge dessert serving spoon went missing whilst the desserts were being served! I was eating my dessert with it, honestly the spoon wouldn't even fit in my mouth!  
Charlie - When I was younger, I was in McDonald's with my family... I stood on my chair and say "me wee me wee" and.... I did! My family like to remind me every now and again.
Nicole - I've got a few unfortunately. Every time someone mentions visiting a new place and not knowing where it is everyone tells me 'Nicole don't even answer, do you remember asking 'why isn't America in the Eurovision?' Epic fail at Geography!
Sharon - I touched a guy up on the London Eye who I thought was my husband
Rob - Doing a ‘Single Ladies’ tribute at college wearing a wig leotard and heels... -.-
Davinia - When I was 5 I was feeding the ducks, forgot to let go of the bread & rolled in with them! My Dad never lets me forget that & puts it down to a blonde moment!!
And this one doesn’t need ANY explanation….. oh Teresa!
Teresa - Heart Eating Poo not Raisins !!!
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4 with more Golden Circle tickets for Heart In The Park to be won!
See you then!
Lucy xxx