Lucy's Blog - Tuesday-30th April

Hiya! On today’s show, we asked you – What does your other half do to make sure they get what they want?

You had some cracking answers, some of which I’ll steal for the future…
Ryan - I get my own way by buying my girlfriend flowers then using that I did as a bribe to get what I want.
Bee - I give him the silent treatment and then he worries what he done. Eventually I say in a tearful voice that I would really like whatever but know we can't afford it so am sad. That's when I get given the go ahead to get it – yippee!
Nicky - I take hubby shopping and persuade him to buy himself something, then point out whatever it is I want so feels he has to buy it as he has treated himself.
Nadine - I don’t do anything to get my own way, I’m the boss and he knows it. ;)
I just buy my hubby a chicken kebab when I want something!
I find if I give hubby some beers he's always more agreeable and agrees to me getting what I want :)
Ayesha - Usually the eye lash flicker does the trick!
Range - I use cheap psychology. I usually say things like 'no way - u can't get that bath any cleaner than I can...' Almost always works!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx