Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 4th February

Hope you’ve had a lovely day! On today’s show, we were talking about the things you do as an adult now that remind you of being at school! This was after JK smudged ink all over his hands earlier! Personally, I used to love playing Pooh Sticks when I was at school. I even played it this weekend, when I went to my local park with my mate Tim! We filmed it, and it didn’t quite go to plan….. find out what happened right here….
So - What things do you do as an adult now, that remind you of being at school?
Trish: If there's no room on the sofa when we visit family, I sit on the floor and cross my legs..... haha im 43 and reminds me when we had to sit on the mat cross our legs to have story time  x
Davinia: Going out on walks with my children looking for conkers, acorns etc! xx
Mikhala: Eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches
Kerry: The smell of cut grass reminds me of school, but in a bad way because I used to be really fat! It reminds me of having to wear awful PE knickers on sports day!
Alison: Kicking the leaves on the way home from school in the Autumn.
Paul: It’s all about crisp sandwiches snacks after school and now work. Carbolicious!
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy Xxx