Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 5th March

Hello! Hope your Tuesday’s been fabulous!

Today we were talking about the fact that apparently we cause on average £4,600 of damage to our parents homes before we move out…..oh dear!  JK amused us greatly by admitting that he used to take the animals from his family farm into the living room to watch TV with him….ruining the carpets and goodness knows what else in the process!
Here’s some of your stories, as always, they’re BRILLIANT!
Harriet - I pulled the bathroom sink from the wall yanking my Girls World off it and my sister scratched the enamel off the bottom of the bath with her tap shoes!
Leroy - I took my parents front door down and 3 cupboards in the kitchen to build a tree house.
Mandy - When my youngest son Ollie learnt to write, he wrote his name on my car with a stone and also engraved his signature into my dining table. He's 24 now and I still use the table !
Lorraine - My hamster escaped and chewed huge holes in my bedroom carpet, also during a nightmare I accidently pulled all my curtain track and curtains off the wall, plaster and all! Oops lol!
Simon - We covered the front of our WHITE house in mud when I was a all had to be repainted!!!
Dana - My son causes damage to my fridge 24/7 - there is no end! Teenagers- ehh?!........
Claire - I damaged my Mums glass lamp shade by using my skipping rope in the front room.
We also asked you to text in photos of your putting your feet up, after we saw a lady doing just that, with her shoes off, in the beautiful sunshine in Leicester Square earlier today! Check out our ‘Feet Up Tuesday’ gallery at the Heart London Facebook page if you’re that way inclined!
See you tomorrow from 4…
Lucy xxx