Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 5th November

Hiya, Happy Bonfire Night! I can’t wait for tonight! Off to Brockwell Park for the firework extravaganza, eeeeek. I do love a banger.

How about you? Do you love fireworks or hate them? Maybe you’re staying in, or perhaps you’re doing something completely unrelated to Bonfire Night?
Here’s what some of you are up to tonight!
Louise - I'm staying in, my 15 month old son doesn't seem to like fireworks, so curtains closed, London’s Heart on, and cuddles on the sofa!
Lucy - Staying in. Got an 8 month old, a Jack Russell who is scared witless of fireworks and a 7 yr old Staff who isn’t fazed as long as she is warm and cosy!
Sandra - Been selling fireworks all day, my phrases of the day were – ‘c'mon and brighten up your life, and let's make this Tuesday sparkle!’ Had enough of them now.
Ana - Off to Wimbledon Park with the kids and hubby. Can't wait!!!!
And JK’s VERY jealous of this one….
Charlotte - I'm going to the Harvester!
Have a Spit Roast Chicken for JK, it’s his favourite!  
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, and we’ll be asking you – What was your last personal victory?
See you then!
Lucy xxx