Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 6th of February

Hiya, So, on today's show, we continued our topic from yesterday. What lies were you told as a child, or do you tell your own children? We had so many brilliant stories from you, that we just had to continue it! Here’s some more of your naughty, yet fantastic, lies…

Karen -  I told my children if they swallowed their bubble gum they would blow bubbles out of their bums - to stop them from swallowing it, they believed it bless - Karen ;-)
KC -      I told my god sons that i was a witch and flew round the village on my broom stick checking all the children were in bed.
Maddy -  My dad told me he worked for the queen and lived in a shoe box on her stairs , I believed this until I was about 10 :) . Maddy. Tottenham
Rachel -  When my mum was little my granddad told her that pumpkins grew into tractor tyres, and she believed him. Rachel Gillan x
And this is one that I certainly approve of – I mean, who wants to share orange Smarties anyway?  
I used to tell the children that i looked after that the Orange Smarties were poisonous to children and that I had to eat them!
We also got you to help out JK & Aussie Nige with something that was really bugging them. Both had taken photos of ‘celebrities’ on the train during their daily commute. Unfortunately they couldn’t work out who they were, so we enlisted your detective skills. Personally, I only think one of them is actually famous. What do you think? Who are they, celebrities or random people?
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We’re back tomorrow from 4, see you then!
Lucy xxx