Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 8th January

Hiya! How’s your Tuesday been? On today's shows we were talking about being fussy.

Our producer Aussie Nige's wife has proven to be the most fussy customer when it comes to buying a car. So we asked you, what’s stopped you from buying a car before? Here’s some of our favorite from our Facebook family:

Rhona: None in pink
Elisha: Didn't smell right! Wing mirrors not big enough! Steering wheel to thick/thin! Seat material not right!
Katie: Not enough room for the Fosters
Kelly: Too big, wrong colour or shade, not enough boot , not a good radio or maybe just the wrong make lol
If you want to hear the reasons Aussie Nige’s wife gave (& believe me, there’s lots), have a listen below to what happened when we called her at work earlier on today…JK & Lucy chat to Aussie Nige's fussy wife!

Also, if you’re getting married soon & are worried about your speech, maybe take a look at Tom from McFly’s unique take on his Grooms speech. It’ll either fill you with inspiration or fill you with dread. It’s utterly brilliant. Oh – and maybe have a Kleenex handy, you might cry! Check out his amazing speech here -
Finally – the weirdest news story today involved Kanye West & Dr Seuss. He’s planning his own take on the classic stories, including recording rap versions for his unborn baby with Kim Kardashian, Kimye. OK, that’s not the baby’s actual name, but I like it. Somehow, JK & Aussie Nige managed to track down the rough edits of Kanyes efforts…..allegedly. (look, between me & you, it’s them, but don’t tell them I told you so yeah?)
Have a laugh at their expense right below…. JK & Lucy exclusive 'sneak peak' of Kayne West rapping Dr Seuss!
See you at 4pm tomorrow!
Lucy xxx