Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 9th April

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a lovely Tuesday! On today’s show we were chatting about the questions you always get asked about your job, or at work!

I always get asked ‘Lucy, can you proof read this please?’ by JK & Aussie Nige, as both of them are dyslexic!
You were brilliant as always, here’s the questions you always get asked at work…
Ali - I’m a Radiographer and when I tell people what I do they always say  - ‘Is that like an advanced radio DJ?’
Eloise - Hi, At work I always get asked "how do you steer it?"!!! I'm a train driver! Great show as ever.
Jessica - The question I always get asked is -  'Can it be like that 'bit' in Final Destination?'... I own a sunbed salon! And of course the answer is no!  
Liz – I’m a Waitress and was asked if the Swordfish was sharp! Also, how people pronounce Creme Fraiche is very funny!
Jimmy - I'm a Carpenter and always get asked how I earn so much money laying carpets all day.
Simon - As a Milkman I get asked two questions, one is how early do you get up? The second is ‘have you got any milk?’
Alana - I always get asked... Do you get discount/ free shoes?? Annoys me but then again I do work for Jimmy Choo!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx