Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 9th July

Hiya! What another stunner of a day eh? This heatwave is LOVELY!

Today, we took a trip down memory lane and chatted about our Retro Summer Holiday Road Trip Memories! Here’s some of yours….
Sheila - My mum use to make sandwiches on the pull down glove box!
Lesley - Caravan hols, washing in cold water and littlest beds!
Heather – I remember sticking to the vinyl seat in the heat! Heather
Lisa - My grandparents used to take us out places in the car in summer, all the grand kids, all used to fight over who wanted to sit in the boot of the car!
Amanda - Going to Lampton lion park with our sandwiches packed in our orange Tupperware, and the monkeys ripping the vinyl roof to shreds in the car!
We also came up with a list of our own memories – did you ever do any of this?
Fight with your brothers & sisters in the car?
Stop at a service station & getting excited in case you were bought an ice cream.?
Play I-Spy?
Get car sick?
Ask - ‘Are we nearly there yet Daaaaad?”
Play the ‘I can see the sea’ game?
Play travel Battleships on the armrest?
Wave at people in the car behind?
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx