Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 10th July

Hiya! So this lovely Summer heatwave continues, and isn’t it just amazing?

So, on today’s show, we thought we’d see if you, like us, have been enjoying plenty of BBQ’s this week. Turns out you most certainly have!
Martin - Me & my girlfriend are on our third BBQ of the week with all the trimmings! She wants to have a go but told her it’s a mans game!
Laura - Had a BBQ last night, will probably have one later and on Monday we cooked our food on a griddle which is like an indoor BBQ.
Sally - Hello I’ve had a BBQ for the last 5 days in a row, we have done everything from home made burgers to slow cooked lamb ;) Long let the sun shine tonight! I will also be having one, chicken breast is on tonight's menu!
And the JK & Lucy ‘Barbie Bruce’ Award for dedication goes to….
Tony – I’ve had one every day for the last 7 days!
So, we know you love your BBQ’s, but what are you cooking?
Jo Arnold - Home made lamb chicken and veg kebabs!

Wayne - Home made chicken kebabs tonight.

Michelle - Yay, we are butchers! Pork sausages, peppered rump steak kebabs, BBQ chicken kebabs and minted lamb kebabs might do a bit of salad as well! xx
Karen - Pork belly! Great show guys have a good evening!
Tina - We had one yesterday and it was great, Angus beef burgers. Felt like a holiday.
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then! Happy BBQ’ing!!
Lucy xxx